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A Letter of recognition from the ECCDC
March 2, 2004 Dear Barb:
We at the Early Childhood Community Development Centre wish to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of A Child's World Family Child Care Services of Niagara to Niagara's Child Care Programs. In particular, your commitment to staying apprised of changes to legislation, policies and environmental influences that impact child care and your willingness to share and remain active in Niagara Child Care Sector, Early Years Action Group, as well as various other network groups and committees, has strengthened Niagara's Child Care Programs and increased awareness of their importance to the health of Niagara's families and economy.

Thank you, Barb, for your continuous involvement and willingness to support the Early Childhood Community Development Centre and our efforts to providing Child Care Programs with resources, support and training. Most recently, your scope of understanding of the Privacy Act and Occupation Health and Safety Act, as well as the passion that you have demonstrated for creating safe working environments, has given the Early Childhood Community Development Centre what it has needed to do it's work.

The Early Childhood Community Development Centre and Niagara's Child Care Programs are very fortunate to have A Child's World as a partner in delivering services to Niagara's families.

Kindest Regards,

Tammy M. Ferguson
Tammy McCormick Ferguson
Executive Director, Early Childhood Community Development Centre

What People are saying

"ACW- Glenridge Hill is an absolutely amazing daycare facility! My daughter has been going to this wonderful daycare for over 1.5 years now. My husband and I can go to work worry and stress free knowing that she is receiving exceptional care, school like curriculum programming, a loving and nurturing environment and excellent nutrition with each meal. The staff are very approachable, professional, knowledgeable, accommodating and honest. They are easy to communicate with whether I call, write a quick letter, or send them an email and their responses arrive in a timely manner. I completely trust ACW Glenridge Hill with providing phenomenal care to my daughter and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the facility. Thank you all so much for contributing to the well rounded, intelligent and loving individual my daughter has become."
Hollie Ples

"I can't say enough about A Child's World. The extended care program is probably the best thing that anybody has ever come up with, especially when it comes to a single parent who works shift work. They're there anytime you need them. I never worry about my children. I know they're well fed, well taken care of.They keep me updated on everything, as well as their diet, how they're doing their homework... They've saved my life."

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service that the child care centre provided. My daughter enjoyed her time in your care, and I was very happy with the way the centre helped her adjust to the child care service."

"We're very, very, pleased. Everyone is friendly, organized and efficient. Our boys enjoy it very much. I think they are going to miss it during summer holidays."

"When anyone mentions that they are looking for daycare, I tell them how thrilled I am with ACW's Glenridge Hill, and will continue to do so. My daughter has had so many great experiences at Glenridge Hill, I can only hope that her school experiences will be as positive."

"Services have been '5-star' I can't say enough about what a memorable experience it's been for my son."

"The daycare is well-managed and the staff treat the children as if they were their own."

"The staff at A Child's World Cataract Kids has been caring and professional. I cannot think of anything to improve the quality of care we received."

"Aside from what you do for the children, what you do for the parents is priceless. I never worried about her because I knew she was with people that not only cared for her, but also cared about her. It never felt like you were just doing a job or providing a service. It takes special people to do this and that is what you all are to us."

"Great program, great staff, great everything, no need to improve."

"It is with pleasure that I offer this letter of reference for A Child's World, Oakwood School site. My children have been going to this daycare since its inception. As a working mother it is imperative that I have resources readily available so that I can comfortably work knowing that my children are well taken care of. A Child's World exceeds this expectation.

From the onset, the staff have been professional and caring. I receive daily updates on their activities and receive prompt reports of any adverse events, (i.e. injuries). A Child's World provides an educational environment that has a unique balance between structured activities and creative, free play.

Although it is important that my expectations are met, it is even more important to me as a mother that my children enjoy their
environment. The staff's warm and caring attitude has captured the trust and respect of my children, and they have a smile on their face when I pick them up."

What the children have to say:

"I like daycare. I go in the morning before school, after school and in the summer. I am 10 years old. We have a nice teacher. I like daycare because lots of fun things happen. In the summer we walk to the Commisso's Mall to get a bunch of small goldfish for goldfish races. Goldfish races are where you pick a fish and he races against somebody else's fish. We also have wacky hat day, pajama day and we bring our bathing suits to play in the sprinkler. I like daycare."

"I like school age because the teachers there are nice and I like to play with the kids, the crafts and the stage."

"I like the school age club because you can make anything you want and because you can play computer. You can even make clay sculptures and keep them. This place is very COOL.."