Start your kid's education savings with FREE MONEY

What FREE money?

Itís the Canada Learning Bond, available now through This is a Government of Canada contribution to a childís Registered Education Savings Plan. It provides up to $2,000 in savings for the post-secondary education of eligible children.

Who can get it?

You are eligible if your child was born in 2004 or later and you have ever been eligible for the National Child Benefit Supplement as part of the Canada Child Tax Benefit, known as the "family allowance." All eligible children receive at least $500 and will receive $100 more for each year theyíre eligible up to age 15 or a maximum of $2,000.

How do I get the Canada Learning Bond?

• SmartSAVER can help you apply for the Canada Learning Bond and start an RESP with $0 when you use
• Youíll need a Social Insurance Number for yourself and your child to complete the application
• There is no cost and you donít need to contribute any money to get the Canada Learning Bond

How Do I Get Started?

Whatís the catch?

The Canada Learning Bond can only be used for education after high school or later in life. This includes part-time or full-time studies at college, university or other qualifying schools in Canada or outside the country. Your child has up to 36 years to use the money.