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Award of Excellence

Each year the Board of Directors present a staff person with the Award of Excellence. This exciting award recognizes the one person in our organization who truly demonstrates excellence within the following four areas: families, centre, profession and the Community. Nominations are open to all part time staff, full time staff and supply staff of A Child's World Child Care Centres. The winner receives $250.00 continuing education gift certificate and is recognized by their peers at the Organizational Staff Meeting.

Congratulations to Brandi Hicks from ACW Early Learning-Riverview, recipient of the 2018 Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Patricia Wescomefrom ACW Early Learning-Country Kids, recipient of the 2017 Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Anna Warren from ACW Child Care/Early Learning-Connaught, recipient of the 2016 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Amira Mirdawi from ACW Child Care-Niagara Community, recipient of the 2015 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Allison Cormier from ACW Early Learning- Cherrywood, recipient of the 2014 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Christina McNicoll from ACW Child Care-Oakwood, recipient of the 2013 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Valerie Colquhoun from ACW Child Care-E.W.Farr, recipient of the 2012 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Susan Hogan from Tiny Travellers, recipient of the 2011 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Katie Jamieson from Kids World, recipient of the 2010 Award Of Excellence!

Congratulations to Tara Delvecchio, Ferndale Child Care Centre, winner of the award for 2009. Tara's nominator wrote: Tara truly goes above and beyond each and every day. She is always doing things on her own time to make our centre that much more successful. She uses her own lunch to change the toys around so our children always have new and exciting things to play with. Teamwork is absolutely hands down her best trait. She is the glue that holds our centre together. She is 100% supportive to the Supervisor in all of her management duties and is always willing to take on more. She is also the teacher and takes care of 100% of the program planning. She is a positive role model to our split shift staff and is always encouraging her in her development. When we have students, you guessed it, she is responsible for them too! Tara still finds time to be a regular at the ECCDC, she is always bringing in new toys to the centre and spends countless hours at the Public Library taking out books for the children. She even brings in things from home to share with the children. She never stops contributing to our centre.

Congratulations to Shelly Grenier, Kids World, winner of the award presented for the year 2008. Shelly's nominator wrote: Parents have only good things to say about this staff. Parent surveys come back with all positive comments about the room that this staff works in. We have had children/families that are ESL and this staff took the time to get an English/Spanish dictionary to be able to communicate with the family. Her program plans show thought and care and she truly enjoys watching the toddlers grow. Wow!! this staff has shown great growth in teamwork. She is an active member of the team and she is on the Newsletter and Organizational Committee, is the Health and Safety Rep and has her Safe Food Handling Certificate. Policies and Procedures are always followed and she has a positive outlook of ACW. To have a staff like this in the community and in the centre is very positive. I don't think she realizes what a positive attitude she has on the staff of this centre.

Congratulations to Judy Feeley, Oakwood Child Care Centre, winner of the award presented for the year 2007. Judy's nominator wrote: She always inspires the children's creativity through crafts, music and movement. She is in tune with everyone's feelings and promotes problem solving with her peers. She is very nurturing and interacts with the children on their level. She treats each child and family with respect. She helps her fellow team members in whatever way she can. She always gives 110% and goes above what is required. She voluntarily did a Wings of Discovery curriculum workshop for employees of A Childs World. She was on the Family Day Committee and helped to plan and implement games for the children at the second annual Family Day at Sherkston Shores

Congratulations to Julie Hitchcock, Kids World, winner of the award presented for the year 2006. Julie's nominator wrote: "Her ability to work with children with special needs is fantastic; she takes the time to adapt her ideas so that all of the children can join in. She will stay after her shift to talk to parents about difficulties or successes that the children are having. She has a great way with school age children." Several parents of the centre have expressed the turn around of their child. She plans age appropriate activities and gets the school agers involved in all aspects of planning. The centre has a spring concert and she has the school age children, who never wanted to be a part of it. I believe she has given the children the self esteem and confidence to get up in front of 100 people to tell jokes. Through her encouragement they are now a part of the concert. Her patience shows everyday with the children. The time she takes with each child shows how loving and nurturing she is. Julie received a Red Cross Award for successfully performing the Heimlich maneuver on a child in her group, dislodging the food that had gotten stuck, saving the child's life.

Congratulations to Stacey Ramunno, Cataract Kids Child Care Centre, winner of the award presented for the year 2005. Stacey's nominator wrote: Stacey is very willing and eager to share wonderful ideas and resources with other staff; staff seek this person out for ideas, input and resources; excels in programming for all age groups; does cooking experiences from "scratch" where the children do the cooking themselves."

Congratulations to Rita Lambourne Niagara Community Child Care Centre- Bella, winner of the award for the year 2004. Rita's nominator wrote; "Rita is a very dedicated and strong individual. She is a great role model for me and the children love her great ideas. Rita works hard to have everyone work together as a team and encourages us positively to get involved."

Congratulations to Kerry Shedden Oakwood Child Care Centre, winner of the second award presented for the year 2004. Kerry's nominator wrote; " Kerry looks at all children as equals; shows a genuine interest in all children and cares deeply for them; has a genuine respect for children; is caring and nurturing with staff, giving guidance and assistance as needed; is a strong advocate for the ECE profession and attends many professional development sessions which enhance her skills."

In 2013, the 1st Annual Steve Noyes Award was introduced. This award recognizes the person in our Organization that demonstrates excellence through commitment to the E.C.E profession.The winner receives $150.00 to be used to pay for their College of ECE Registration for the year.

Congratulations to Chante Burse from ACW Child Care-Niagara Community, recipient of the 6th annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2018.

Congratulations to Shannon Goss from ACW Child Care-Lookout Ridge, recipient of the 5th annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2017.

Congratulations to Isabel Plett from ACW Child Care- First Friends, recipient of the 4th annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2016.

Congratulations to Ashley Kasper from ACW Early Learning-Sacred Heart, recipient of the 3rd annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2015.

Congratulations to Anabela Rocha from ACW Child Care-Woodlawn, recipient of the 2nd annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2014.

Congratulations to Debbie Grundy from ACW Child Care-Connaught, recipient of the 1st annual Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2013.