Absent from photo: Casey


Chair: Erin Amirault
Vice Chair: Shannon Sutherland
Secretary: Wendy Coxon
Treasurer: Sue Napper

Directors: Nicole Henderson
Daniel Rolim
Casey Knight
Jessica Plenzick
Matt Greenfield

Setting direction - Achieving our goals Mission Statement.

To provide quality early learning and child care.

Non-Profit Organization
ACW is a non-profit organization, which provides professional care for children (3 months - 12 years) in 23 centres across Niagara. A Non-profit organization exists not for profit but typically for charitable or philanthropic purposes. All profit is re-invested into the Corporation.

The Board of Directors
The Corporation is governed by a volunteer Board of voting Directors. All Directors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and shall serve for a term of 1 year or until their successor is appointed. The number of Directors is determined at the AGM. Officers of the Board include: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary & Executive Director. Directors and Officers Insurance protects all board members in their work for the corporation.

The Board of Directors of ACW proudly endorsed & strives to uphold the Niagara Children's Charter.